Fall Planting For Well Established Blackberry Plants

Fall Planting For Well Established Blackberry Plants

While most people consider spring the best time to plant their gardens, planting in the fall has many benefits. Planting thornless blackberry plants in the fall allows for the plant’s roots to grow during the winter months, making for a well-established root system by spring! At Doyle’s Thornless Blackberry, we have years of experience planting thornless blackberry plants, and we’re happy to share how fall care can make your plant shine. Shop our blackberry plants for sale today and get them planted now!

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Favorable Temperatures for Thornless Blackberry Plants

Thornless blackberry plants produce fruit in the warmer months of July, August, and September. After a season of giving you delicious blackberries to eat, the plants become dormant for the winter. You might think that when temperatures are no longer favorable for these fruit-bearing plants they will die, but if blackberry plants are kept in favorable temperatures, their dormant months are a fine time for them to grow their roots.

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Planting in the Fall in Colder Climates

Our specialty blackberry plants are thornless and produce the sweetest blackberries available! They take extra care during the winter months, even though they are very hardy plants. These thornless blackberry plants grow well in zones 2-10. When you decide to plant in the fall to give your blackberry plants time to become well established, you’ll want to make sure you take care to properly winterize them.

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Let Your Thornless Blackberry Plant’s Roots Grow!

Planting in the fall allows your thornless blackberry plants from Doyle’s Thornless Blackberry to become well established. Even during dormant months, the blackberry plant’s roots will continue to grow and strengthen. This means, when fruiting season comes around, your thornless blackberry plant will be ready to give you delicious and sweet blackberries!

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Growing Thornless Blackberries

Growing the best thornless blackberries from Doyle’s Thornless Blackberry will be well worth the work in the fall once you get a taste of them! As an added benefit, our specialty thornless variety of blackberry plants makes for easier, and pain-free, picking in the summer. Read more about how to care for our thornless blackberries.

Shop our specialty thornless blackberry plants now and get them planted this fall so that they will become well established during their dormant season!

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